Moving On

Moments that took minutes

Are taking hours away
I’m left here to mourn
All that time wasted on you.
Every hard earned breath I gave
Trying to keep you;
Is screaming in my lungs now
As I start sinking under
All we’re looking for is a chance
To be prepared
If we must be the fools
Behind the reigns.
So tell me mechanist
Is there a remedy
For all the sorrow
That I feel?
Singing a sullen lullaby
Before the curtain falls
On our life’s play
Too long and too short
To waste trying to hold
Dreams we didn’t share
Ambition led us astray
This is a siren’s call
To all of the songs
I’ve sung before.
Different tempo, same refrain

You’ve moved on

And it seems I’m left
Standing here waiting for you
To look back for me.
-AJ Sandhu 2016

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