We Are

Here we are at the end; 
It seems as if we’ve only begun!
Sunrise was a moment ago; 
Sunset seems a far ways to go.

We’ve ended the way we began!

In Darkness we were born, 
Raised to live in the light, 
Forevermore afraid of the night.

We came so far together, 

But it’s almost midnight.
The Princess facade is fading; 
It’s time to face my demons alone.

You were my Prince Charming, 

I your Princess, darling.
At the stroke of midnight, 
I fled into the darkest light.

We are the broken and the beaten,

We are the loathers and the lovers
We are the fallen and the forsaken
We are the warriors and the solders

We are the story tellers,

We are the we are the legend makers.
Doomed to wander forever, 
Looking for the ones we remember.

We know more than we care

We dream more than we dare
We dance in a lament of fire, 
Forever lost in the fight of desire.

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