You asked for another voice in the silence

Cause it was deafening in your mind
But in the sounds you heard
No words could be found.

Far up above me
Slower than my mortal coil;
Though faster than I’d ever understand,
Are galaxies colliding
With lives I’ll never know

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to
Just a consequence of this life
Born to die only when
We start to understand

If I could hold you though the darkness
We’d shine a light so bright
I’d have to deal with 
The shadows that we’d cast.

How can I hold something I’ve never had?
What is this unspoken understanding
Between two worlds hell-bent on colliding?

What the sun wouldn’t give
For a moment in the darkness
Only caving when her life is ending

I’m done with shallow words
Of what we should be
Lead me like inescapable darkness
Leads the light.

I’m here for the morning
Ever burning for moon’s light
Reflecting but never returning

I’m on the verge of surrender
Giving up on paradise
I never knew I had.

Is this the tragedy of our lives?
To fade away only when
We learn how to live?

I’ll hold on
To this precipice of hope
That maybe one day
A paradise will be mine
To hold again.

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