Rumination 6

Nothing to report as of late. It’s been over four weeks. I can safely assume that all queries have been rejected.
See how the world goes on? Deep depression and anxiety to acceptance. The same cycle. How much one “yes” would have changed. Given me a true hope I haven’t felt in so long.
But “yes” is simply half the hurtle, they may demand more of you and still, rejection. No, you must convince them through the last page. Have them hang on every word.
So much research and revision to do.
I have things I should be doing; I can’t find heart in them now. But, now is the time to act.
I must write something in the nature of my heroes. Something that impresses at 18 and 88. The same detail must be given to every word, sentence, paragraph, page, and chapter.
It’s a difficult task, as those that merit doing are wont to be.

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