Rumination 1

So I haven’t really been on Facebook in about two and a half weeks. I haven’t died, I’m not ignorant of the world, and I’m definitely not insane. Which makes me think all of this “social media helps us stay in touch” stuff is crap. Only a handful of my friends follow me on twitter (handful is generous, 8 MAX), and for all anyone else knows, I could be dead.
It’s nice to see how many times I’VE been the one to start conversations with the people I supposedly love, and how few of them care about me. To the ones who do care, thank you, seriously, you guys deserve better than me.
My point is, that in this mad rush to make ourselves feel important we’ve forgotten that we need to make others feel important too, especially those who take the time out of their days to make us feel better about ourselves. Even if it is a birthday reminder on Facebook that prompts us to do so.
Would you like to know how many happy birthdays I got on my birthday last year through any form of communication (text, phone call, facebook, twitter, email, snail mail, ect)? Nine. Nine out of my 250 so called “friends” on facebook. NINE including the 4 other members of my family. NINE, and five of those nine only happened AFTER I told them it was my birthday. So I’m not expecting much this upcoming birthday. Do you know how many people I said happy birthday to? Everyone I could get a hold of, in my “Old English” style so it stood out from all the other half-hearted “Happy Birthdays.”
So yeah, I’m a bit bitter. But I’ll be fine, because I’m perfectly fine with having fair weather friends, so long as you’re fine with being the same. I’ll end with this; a question for you that an old video game once asked me;

“Do you have friends? Do they consider you a friend?”
-Legend of Zelda; Majora’s Mask

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